Kasumi Yoshizawa’s story is a case study on how to carefully and respectfully navigate mental health issues in popular culture

Lost motivation to play games? Let’s discuss why it’s happening and what can be done

The ups and downs of wedlock with the whims of a wild, cooperative platformer

Give the controversial shooter a chance to prove itself before canceling it

Genshin has it all, from tower defense to tantalizing dates

A masterful blend of action and turn-based combat

The Pokémon Company finally looks forward, with a step back in time

The Octopath Traveler-styled tactical JRPG with choice and consequence

A bite-sized adventure through “Meowrio’s” cat paradise

It’s time for the venerable Pokémon series to let go of its ancient formula and move forward

Paul Lombardo

Journalist writing mainly about video games and the stories they tell // Student at the University of Florida

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