Kasumi Yoshizawa’s story is a case study on how to carefully and respectfully navigate mental health issues in popular culture

The ups and downs of wedlock with the whims of a wild, cooperative platformer

Give the controversial shooter a chance to prove itself before canceling it

Genshin has it all, from tower defense to tantalizing dates

A masterful blend of action and turn-based combat

The Pokémon Company finally looks forward, with a step back in time

The Octopath Traveler-styled tactical JRPG with choice and consequence

A bite-sized adventure through “Meowrio’s” cat paradise

It’s time for the venerable Pokémon series to let go of its ancient formula and move forward

As a physical game connoisseur, I won’t forget GameStop’s strong presence in the days of my youth

Paul Lombardo

Journalist writing mainly about video games and the stories they tell // Student at the University of Florida

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