Kasumi Yoshizawa’s story is a case study on how to carefully and respectfully navigate mental health issues in popular culture

Many people believe fiction has the power to influence real life. This idea is tied to mental health — a topic that has gained much more attention in recent times given the ongoing struggles due to COVID-19. According to Checkpoint.org, an overwhelming majority of gamers believe video games can help…

A dive into the gameplay mechanics of Wutai’s spirited ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi

Sorry Aerith, as much as I love your terrifying overhead chair scene, you’ve been toppled by Yuffie’s bouncy personality. After spending an hour or so figuring out how to download Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade on my PlayStation 5 console (Square Enix did NOT make this one as simple as…

A recognition of creative minds afflicted by imposter syndrome

There is an inherent noteworthiness to a game that is granted when it takes a stand and speaks about social issues. Games that forego aimless entertainment to make a difference can seem pretentious, but when done right, these treasures can connect to those who relate to their themes.

The ethics of animal genetic engineering don’t apply in video games, so let’s splice that genome up!

What happens when your local zoologist is also a curious-minded and somewhat ethically questionable genetic engineer? Let’s Build a Zoo!

This upcoming Zoo Tycoon-inspired game, with a release date for sometime in 2021, is one to keep an eye on if you’re an animal enthusiast.

Paul Lombardo

Journalist writing about video games and the stories they tell | Student at the University of Florida

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